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Looking for an Aussie?

Plans at Slipstream:

We are planning a fall 2010 litter for Sandia that is fully reserved. Check back for more details.

Litters sired by Taiko being planned/held elsewhere:

Litter born Jan 19, 2010
4 girls - 2 black tris, 2 red tris

Taiko x Ginger (Old West Wild Ginger RN OA MXJ OF CL3-F CL3-S NAC NJC CGC, red tri, OFA-G, Elbows normal, Eyes cleared, CHIC #50945); Litter Pedigree
Contact: Cindy Harcharik,, 707-677-3482 (Trinidad, California)

Litter born Feb 13, 2010
6 pups: 2 boys - 2 black tris, 1 blue; 3 girls - all blue merles! - you can see the pups on Denise's SmugMug site
Taiko x Zoey (ATCH Kaweah Cloud's Silver Lining CD RN DNA-VP, blue merle, OFA-G, Elbows normal, Eyes cleared, HSF4 Cataract clear); Litter Pedigree
Contact: Valerie Williams, (California)

Litter born Mar 13, 2010
5 pups: 3 boys - 2 black tris, 1 red tri; 2 black tri girls - you can see the pups on my SmugMug site
Taiko x Rubi (Granite's Rubicon Star AKC/ASCA TDX RS-E JS-E GS-E AD DNA-VP, red tri, OFA-G, Elbows normal, Eyes cleared 9/09, CHIC #57459); Litter Pedigree
This litter is fully reserved. For more information, contact: Donna Highstreet, (California)

Litter planned for late 2010, black and red tris and bis expected
Taiko x Ruby (Talismans Temple Jewel OA AXJ AD RS-N DNA-VP, red bi, OFA-G, Elbows normal, Eyes cleared 4/09, Cardiac tested, MDR1 normal/normal, CHIC #57012); Litter Pedigree. Tails will be left on this litter.
Contact: Deirdre Ryan/Talisman, or Steve Jacobs, (will be whelped in Florida)


Please consider checking with Aussie Rescue -- there are many wonderful dogs looking for homes.

Aussie Rescue and Placement Hotline (ARPH)
Second Time Around Aussie Rescue (STAAR)
Australian Shepherd Rescue Page
North Bay Canine Rescue - our first Aussie, Chase, was a third party assisted adoption dog listed here

Past Litters:

Meet our 2004 Tahoe x Roper litter HERE