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Tahoe x Roper Pups

5 Weeks (photos taken June 9)

The pups have graduated to a bigger pen and they ran amok with excitement. Kara seems to have stolen the camera's eye tonight, although Snowplow made a valiant effort by posing with colorful toys. Sandia was quite feisty, but her merle color blended with the newspaper -- not very photogenic! After playing with Trek, Truckee decided that he could take on Sandia and Kara. (Beware of the girls!) Go to Next Page

Kara - unclear on the newspaper concept.

Kara - taking up residence in the throne

Sandia - exhausted after a hard day's work of escaping the pen

Snowplow - "Who, me?"

Steamboat -- "Hmmm, let's see ... who do I need to maul next?"

Kara - taking on Snowplow (what *was* she thinking?)


"What's on the other side?"

Truckee and Sandia - feeling frisky

Kara and Truckee